Already a qualified scuba diver?

If you have already qualified with another agency you can transfer you skills over to BSAC when you join our club. Once your certification has been verified you will be given an equivalent BSAC grade. You will also be entitled to all the benefits of BSAC membership which are shown on the BSAC website.

If you have not dived recently we can arrange refresher training in a pool or inland dive site. Once your refresher training is completed you will be ready to join us on all of our club dive trips.


Want to become a qualified scuba diver?

The BSAC entry level grade is Ocean Diver which is open to anyone from the age of 12. To qualify for the course you will need to be able to swim 200m in a pool. You will not need to purchase any scuba equipment before starting the course.

The BSAC Ocean Diver course consists of the following scuba diving lessons:

Six classroom lessons
Five sheltered water (pool) lessons
Four open water lessons at an inland dive site

The Ocean Diver certification is recognised worldwide and allows you to dive to 20m. You also get all the benefits of BSAC membership which are shown on the BSAC website.

Being qualified to dive to 20m Ocean Divers have the skills to encounter a fascinating variety of wildlife and shipwrecks in seas, rivers, quarries, lochs and lakes in the UK and around the world.



Once you have completed the Ocean Diver course you can begin training for the Advanced Ocean Diver or Sport Diver qualification. You can also learn specialist skills through the BSAC skill development courses. These cover a diverse range of topics such as underwater photography, boat handling and technical diving.

Details of all the BSAC diver grades and courses can be viewd by clicking on this link BSAC website.


Never tried scuba diving before?

If you have never tried scuba diving we can arrange a try dive session in a local pool. The session will include instruction on the use of scuba equipment and a scuba dive with one of the club instructors.

The session will last about one and a half hours and at the end you will be awarded with a try dive completion certificate. A small donation may be requested towards the cost of the session but this will be deducted from your club fees if you decide to join and start your Ocean Diver training.